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Our Solution Selection service offering is designed, in five stages, to guide an organization through the journey to select new business enabling technology. 


·        Business Discovery

·        Business Process & Requirements Definition

·        Solution Fit

·        Solution Selection

·        Project Initiation


Each stage includes an element of education for the organization, tangible and purposeful outputs, and candid consultative guidance. Our approach is always tailored to our customers needs.


The first stage of our selection project is Business Discovery, during this stage of the project we work to understand the organization’s vision, assess the business and technology initiative objective. In this first stage we will also conduct an organization change analysis and gain a view of the current business solutions footprint. Once the initial stage is completed we move into the Business Process & Requirements Definition stage, where we facilitate process understanding sessions in a combination of current and desired state view.  The goal of this stage is to define three key outputs that enable downstream project activity, starting with business process improvements, missing technology enablement, demonstration script. Your organization will be presented with a project milestone review. The third stage of our methodology, Solution Fit, is the start of an iterative cycle to engage technology vendor options in search of the best three from an overall fit perspective.  This stage we perform an implementation readiness assessment. Once we have been able to narrow down the list of potential vendors we move into Solution Selection where technology vendors will provide both demonstration and presentation against the key business and technology criteria defined through stage 2. During this stage we educate and guide your team through the vendor demonstration process and assist the team to select a vendor of choice. Our final stage, Project Initiation, is the transition point form this initial project phase to starting the implementation.  This can be the most difficult stage as gain agreement to vendor contracts, mobilize internally for a project, and finalize all the implementation readiness activities.

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Once a company has narrowed down their ERP options to two vendors we are able to move into an Implementation Project. An implementation project includes education sessions and we serve as advisors to ensure you are course correcting when the project deviates from its intended plan. We will also augment your project team where necessary.

·        Implementation Preparation and Vendor Agreement

·        Implementation Initiation 

·        Implementation Support

·        Continuous Improvement

The first stage of our implementation projects includes Implementation Preparation and Vendor Agreements. During this stage we define the project organization, deployment strategy and negotiate final agreements with the preferred vendor. We also provide executive implementation education. In the Implementation Initiation stage, we provide implementation team education, finalize the first iteration of the project plan, develop the technical environment strategy and define the post implementation organization. During implementation we provide Implementation Support in the form of project management guidance, testing and training facilitation and participate in steering team meetings. We also provide Continuous Improvement recommendations through periodic project measurement and health checks.


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